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The Challenge

Too many parents struggle with how to guide their children with the critical skills of the job search process.

Too many students don't know where to begin when it comes to employment and struggle understanding themselves.


The process of gaining self-awareness and understanding career strategy is a daunting task, even for an adult. Not knowing where to begin the employment process can lead to confusion and frustration for the student/young adult and the parents.

Often, students obtain bits and fragments of advice (typically from their friends) concerning career entry, but rarely if ever do they have the complete picture of what is needed for a successful launch. Adding to the difficulty of preparing for a job is learning how to navigate the constant changes in technology and leverage it for positive results. 

Students/young adults attempt to enter the job force with little or no effective guidance.

For roughly the cost of two college textbooks, TyroLaunch offers workshop attendees a validated and reliable assessment of their aptitudes as well as industry overviews related to their strengths. Additionally, we offer an interactive presentation and dialogue with a career coach concerning career planning strategies including resume, networking, social media, self-marketing, and interviewing.

Participants learn practical job search skills as well as develop strategic thinking skills in each aspect of the job search process and possibly more important, proper social media management. These skills and career entry techniques taught by TyroLaunch can be leveraged for the remainder of a participant’s entire career.

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According to Money.com, the average cost of High School extracurricular activities - $1,124 per year and going up 7% per year. Many of these activities have minimal long-term return on investment.

Parents and students spend significant dollars throughout the student’s educational period.

The ROI to attend a TyroLaunch workshop makes it well worth the cost and provides skills applicable for years to come.